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Welcome to my cloud!

Here you will find my work and different projects in visual art. Being French and living in Berlin, I use photography, graphic design, dance, illustration and painting to create, experiment and research in fields that call my attention.


Welcome to my cloud!

Here you will find my work and several projects in the field of visual art. With a background in dance and visual communication, my professional focus is on movement photography. I live in Berlin. I travel for work, projects and love.

As a dancer I have been educated to sense another's movement, and I use my camera to capture the authenticity and the beauty in a person's flow and expression. As a photographer, I give full space to the subject, and I help taking the space when it is needed, in an effort to see and bring forward the uniqueness of everyone's personality, physicality and presence.

My studies

Professionally educated as a ballet dancer, I have spent 12 years of my early life learning from the awareness of my body as my working instrument. Since a young age I was fascinated by shapes and movements of the human being. I evolved through daily observation of other dancers, on stage and in their training.

Looking for new creative possibilities, I then turned to graphic design and visual communication, where I found other ways to touch viewers through their eyes, to connect to their inner motions, their emotions.


Bachelor of Arts, Dance Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und
Darstellende Kunst Mannheim, Germany

Bachelor of Arts, Visual Communication Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, Germany


The source of my personal work

Combining visual communication with my knowledge of the body and movement, I jump from technique to technique, adapting them to the current needs of my work.

At this time in my life, I am mainly working with questions of inner movement and the strength of their honesty, versus learned movements that come from external sources. Body-Mind Centering, created by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, is a very present method in this. I explore through dance improvisation and choreography, but also very much through photography and painting.

A work in progress rehearsal by dancers Élise Scheider, Miriam Rose Gronwald and cellist Enzo Caterino. Filmed in Berlin 2019. Edited by Miriam Rose Gronwald.