élise's cloud


Elise's cloud is the website of Berlin based French designer Elise Scheider. Find out here more about her and her work.


Welcome to my cloud!

You can hire me for my photography and design work, for a fresh and lively view on what you do, on yourself, your art, or your business.

In my process, I work to show what you truly have to offer. By researching and analyzing, through my own observation skills and awareness, and by using the tools of visual communication. To invite your target group to grow bigger and to connect to you, through what I make clearly visible.

Where my way to work comes from

In my first career, I have been a ballet dancer. For 10 years I have studied and worked in the world of classical dance. More importantly, I spent a lot of time learning from observing others on stage and in their daily training. How they stand, how they move, work, express themselves, show passion and intensity. I have learned how to catch a moment, and how to support another person creating one.

In my second field of work, for the past 4 years, I have studied and worked in graphical design and visual communication. To me, visual communication is a way to touch viewers through their eyes, to connect to their inner motions; their emotions. May it be for an advertisement or for an informative purpose, what I am most interested in, is clarity combined with the awakening of human qualities.


Where I come from

I was born in Toulouse in 1988 and grew up in the countryside in the same part of France. Interested in bodies and their movement, I started ballet at the age of 11 and decided to make it my profession at the age of 13. I began my studies at the VMDance Studio, Toulouse, and then moved to Mannheim, Germany, to continue at the Academy of Dance (ADT). A few years ago, I broke free from the regime of the classical dance world, and moved to Berlin to study Visual Communication at the HTW.

At this time in my life, I am interested in movement as a way to free the unconscious, in researching ways of letting go of hardened structures within, and I am in the process of developing more creative freedom in my personal work, which combines dance and painting. If you are curious about that, here is my art.